Reuveyn Fraser M.D.

                                                                                         CERTIFIED MOHEL

                                          20 years experience performing ritual Jewish circumcisions in the greater Boston area

                                   Brit Milah      Hatafat Dam Brit       ritual Circumcision        Naming Ceremony          Brisses

          Richard Fraser MD Westwood, MA 781 - 690 - 1339 (voice) 775 - 703 - 1031 (fax)



                                                       Tekihiya G'Dolah!

          (reddish-purple is not my natural color)     




FYI: A Mohel, also pronounced Moyl or Moyel, comes from the Hebrew root M-L "to circumcise" and is the same root as the word Milah referring to the covenant of Milah. Milah means circumcision. The various pronunciations of the word Mohel/Moyl/Moyel come from the various East European/Ashkenazi dialects and modern Hebrew. Also the correct term for the ceremony is Brit Milah. The terms Brit and Bris also reflect different dialects and have come to be accepted into English over the term Brit Milah.